Game of Fauns: Photo Shoot

This is the 2nd half of a recent fun shoot with some friends. It’s a bit different than the first part. ;)


Faun party!!! :D

This one looks like an American Apparel ad:


This one looks like a video game poster:


…actually most of them look like video game posters. :)










“Winter is coming.”

Big thanks to my fabulous models for joining me in ridiculousness!




Bad Boys of Boston: The Original Years

This weekend I received my copy of Bad Boys of Boston 2015, the 5th year of the pin-up calendar I started when I was at MIT. This year’s calendar is fabulous and I was very pleased to see they’ve returned to my “no one buys a calendar for the calendar” full-page vertical spreads. It made me nostalgic for my own glory years of calendar production, and I realized I’d never actually posted all of them in one place.

So for anyone who wasn’t lucky enough to get their hands on a physical copy, here in all their glory are the Bad Boys of Boston from 2011 and 2012:

(please note that most, but not all, of the photography is mine. I had some very talented friends assisting both years.)




Golden Gate Fly-By Pictures

A few weeks ago I was tapped to take some photos of a helicopter joyride around the Golden Gate. I grabbed some friends, a picnic lunch, and a zoom lens, and camped out on Battery Spencer to wait.


The weather was gorgeous, bright and sunny with almost no clouds. Great for flying, awful for photography. I had to get creative with the colors during processing to end up with something I liked.




The other challenge was getting a small helicopter to be visible in the images with only a 200mm lens. I got plenty of shots of the chopper superimposed on the city itself, but it was awfully hard to pick out. Set against the detail-free sky, where it was also easy to crank up the contrast, worked well.



Meow-y Christmas!

Let’s just pretend this was posted on Christmas, yes? That didn’t happen because… reasons.


This was my Christmas card from last year! (or, for my Jewish friends with a sense of humor, my ‘Happy Hanu-cat’ cards)

The original idea was more along the lines of the dramatic ‘disembodied head fading into background’ of meme fame, but when you’re working with cats you take what you can get. We started with some festive holiday costumes. (All photography by my friend Dan)



I think these photos show what the cats thought of that…



Although Sarah was rather fond of my hat.


Eventually we got one decent shot with everyone looking at the camera and not looking pissed off. Even if I look totally ridiculous, but, well, that was the point.


Print it, ship it!


The Wedding of Maggie & Marisa

Yesterday was National Coming Out Day, & in belated honor of that I’m finally posting pictures from a wedding I photographed last November!


Maggie & Marisa are good friends of mine from high school. They threw this gorgeous purple-and-brown themed wedding amongst the splendor of an Arkansas forest in autumn.


Arkansas is likely to be one of the last states that allows gay marriage so they couldn’t legally back up the commitment at the time, but yesterday they got a call that their marriage application has been received in Iowa City and they’ll be traveling there soon to make it “official.”

Marisa shared this lovely sentiment on fb:

“I love that I get to celebrate this day (and every day) openly with the person that I love, and that all of our friends and family have been so amazing and supportive of us as we approach both the first anniversary of our wedding day and this next step in our lives together. Signing the papers next week will make our marriage “real” to people in offices who don’t know us, but it was the love of the people around us on that day, both in person and in spirit, that made it real to me.”


One advantage of a same-sex wedding: You can use the same changing room and help each other get ready.




The ceremony was supposed to start with the lighting of these candles by the brides’ families, but the wind was extremely uncooperative. It did cause the whole thing to kick off with a very light-hearted note, though.


The foliage and sunlight created a gorgeous backdrop for the ceremony (although it made the photography & editing rather tricky).






While the guests helped set up for dinner, I stole the two away for some just-married bridal shots. It caused a bit of a hiccup in the timing, but I like to do these right after the ceremony when emotion is running high.








The day ended with dinner and, of course, dancing.



Waves at Super Long Exposure Look Like Magic

I stayed at San Elijo State Beach, just a little north of San Diego, for a night on my recent vacation. They have a lovely beach that’s very far from any major light pollution, so I tried out some really long exposure shots of waves.

The results look like colorful, cloud, wispy bursts of magic under the waves. Or maybe I’m just a nerd. Either way, super pretty.


15 sec, f2.8


20 sec, f2.8


30 sec, f4.5

BBoB: July 2012

This one’s coming to you on time thanks to the magic of WordPress pre-scheduled posting. :) Here’s Mr. July 2012:

BBoB: June 2012

Whoops! I’m 29 days late on posting your Bad Boy of June, but he’s quite a tasty one so I don’t want to hear any complaining. :)

Yes, this was taken in Killian Court. There were some horribly awkward moments when tourist groups wandered by, cameras flashing, including a particularly giggly horde of German schoolgirls.

Introducing Molly!

Meet Molly, my new kitty!

I got her about 2 weeks ago from a local sanctuary. It was a very long search to find her. At first I was dead set on getting a bonded pair – 2 cats that were inseparable friends, so they wouldn’t be lonely in my apt while I’m at work – but I visited 3 major shelters around here – Oakland, SF, and Silicon Valley – and none of their pairs felt right. I really wanted to find my cats that weekend, so I started looking online. I found 2 sibling kittens at a local sanctuary that sounded appealing, so I called and she said they were doing a mobile adoption center up at Berkeley. I got a zipcar and drove up to meet them. They were cute and cuddly, but still didn’t click – HOWEVER. In the cage next to theirs lay this beautiful fluffy tortoiseshell cat who cuddled into my arms, purred, blinked at me with her big yellow eyes, and chewed my finger a bit.

I fell in love.

I still plan on getting a second cat eventually because I do feel awful bad leaving such a young, energetic, friendly cat alone all day, but I think she’s appreciated the alone time to explore and get comfy. She’s pretty well settled in by now – she’s been sleeping with me at night when not galloping up and down the stairs and chasing balls of fluff across the floor.

Expect to see lots of pictures of Molly on here in the future – there are the first ones I ever got on my real camera, and you can’t even see her squirrel tail or fluffy toes. <3