Bad Boys of Boston: The Original Years

This weekend I received my copy of Bad Boys of Boston 2015, the 5th year of the pin-up calendar I started when I was at MIT. This year’s calendar is fabulous and I was very pleased to see they’ve returned to my “no one buys a calendar for the calendar” full-page vertical spreads. It made me nostalgic for my own glory years of calendar production, and I realized I’d never actually posted all of them in one place.

So for anyone who wasn’t lucky enough to get their hands on a physical copy, here in all their glory are the Bad Boys of Boston from 2011 and 2012:

(please note that most, but not all, of the photography is mine. I had some very talented friends assisting both years.)




Bad Boys of Boston 2014 – Pre-Order now!


(teaser photo stolen from the BBoB Facebook page)

I am incredibly pleased to say that the 2014 edition of the Bad Boys of Boston Calendar is coming soon, and you should all go put your pre-orders in now! All proceeds go to a very worthy charity, and you get to have half-naked men on your walls. Win-win!

Order Your Calendar Here!

If you don’t already know, this calendar is a project I started in 2010 while I was at MIT. It’s an all-male pinup calendar featuring MIT students, and all proceeds go to an excellent charity. I produced the 2011 and 2012 calendars, but when I graduated I wasn’t sure it would carry on without me as the driving creative force. I was deliriously happy when the 2013 calendar came out without me being involved at all! Today I found out the 2014 calendar comes out soon, and people in the Mission probably mistook me for a crazy person as I was skipping down the street towards the coffee shop, grinning like a fool.

Obviously I’m very happy to have a Bachelor’s degree from MIT, but starting this calendar is probably the thing I’m most proud of accomplishing during college.

(Oh, and if it’s not obvious, I didn’t take the above photo, no matter how much I wish I had)

BBoB: June 2012

Whoops! I’m 29 days late on posting your Bad Boy of June, but he’s quite a tasty one so I don’t want to hear any complaining. :)

Yes, this was taken in Killian Court. There were some horribly awkward moments when tourist groups wandered by, cameras flashing, including a particularly giggly horde of German schoolgirls.

365in365: 93

I may not be posting every day, but at the very least I can still give you your monthly Bad Boys goodness. :)

May’s photo was not taken by me, but by my friend Aki. Bravo to Aki. :)

365in365: Day 92

Unfortunately, yesterday’s Tony Stark calendar spread was only an April Fools joke. As we all know, Mr. Stark left MIT many years ago and so we have had to turn down his repeated applications to appear in our calendar.

I think you won’t be disappointed by the real April model though – I wasn’t joking about placing my favorites in my birthday month. Tattoos and scars and bondage, oh my! ;)

Btw, you should all be very very glad I went the Iron Man route with the faux calendar month. My first idea was to use a picture of a hairy fat guy in a thong. :p

365in365: Day 91

Happy April! My birthday happens to be this month, so I always put one of my favorite Bad Boys in April. This year we were super lucky to get one of MIT’s most famous (and most hottest-est) alums, Tony Stark.

365in365: Day 13

I’ve decided that for my 365in365 project I’ll be posting the Bad Boy spreads on the beginning of every month. It would be a damn shame to miss out on January though, so here you go. :)