Trumaker: Custom Made Shirts (that fit my chest!)

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These two facts are true:

  1. I really like button down shirts.
  2. My chest is a 38D.

Unfortunately, #2 means that #1 is very very hard to shop for. My current strategy is to always wear an undershirt and leave it unbuttoned to below my breasts. That strategy kind of sucks.

Recently, I was made aware of a new startup called Trumaker that makes dress shirts to completely custom measurements. They even send a rep to measure you in person to make sure they get the right numbers.

Technically they only make “men’s” shirts, but all that really means is that they’re all boy’s cut. So I asked if their shirts could accomodate a large bust, and they said no problem!

Cindy came to my castle office to measure me and go through options. It was an extremely pleasant process, and a lot of fun to 100% customize my clothing. I also totally wanted to steal her coat:

2013-06-18 15.35.27

I’ll get the first one in 3-4 weeks and try it on for actual fit. If it needs adjustments they’ll measure again and make ’em all with the new numbers! I’ll likely post again when I get my shirts to let y’all know how it worked out.

Anywho, if you’ve also had trouble finding shirts that fit your body, check ’em out! (Right now they’re only in SF, LA, and Orange Country)

Oh, and full disclosure: I got $10 off my shipping for making this blog post. ;)

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