A lot of my friends and readers have been curious about what my day-to-day office experience is like. Honestly, most of it involves sitting at my desk in front of a computer, but there are parts of it that are rather… unique.

Like all offices, we drink lots of coffee and have an eclectic collection of mugs.



Unlike most offices, our current space was previously used as a filming location for bondage pornography. Although they tore out a bunch of walls and re-did the paint and floors, they left up the tie points.


Naturally, Kink’s employees like to put things on the walls around their desks. Being a porn company, things that would normally be considered ‘improper’ are fair game, meaning we get things like this put on the wall:


We also get cake once a month for birthday reasons. It amuses me to think that somewhere in the Mission a bake shop has a standing order for a once-monthly Kink cake.


4 days a week we get lunch prepared by our on-staff chef and eat on the upper floor of the Armory. Yes, that Upper Floor. We eat and gossip while sitting around the same tables that this happens on:



Most of the filming takes place in the basement, but every now and then I’ll be headed towards the bathroom or up to lunch and see one of these:


Which means “hush! We’re trying to have sex in here.”

The bathrooms are by no means off-limits for shoots either. One day I went to use the toilet, sat down, looked up, and realized there was a videography light semi-permanently mounted directly above the stall.


Another day I went next door to our main office space to make a phone call, and saw that they had already set up for a shoot later on.


I was sorely tempted to sit in that chair while I made my call, but I managed to restrain myself.

Like most San Francisco buildings, we have 3 different waste bins everywhere – trash, recycle, and compost. Occasionally I’m not expecting what I see when I walk by a recycle bin.


Apparently Ultimate Surrender had just re-stocked their dildo supply.

At an every-day level, working for Kink is very similar to working for any other office. It’s just the little things that sneak up every once in a while and remind me what we actually do. For example, I grabbed a spare Cat5 cable from a pile, and found it labeled thus:


To end on an adorable note, we also have two office cats:


They’re fat, cuddly, brother-and-sister kitties! The black one is Rudy:


and the Tabby is Lala:


They mostly hang out at the front security desk and wait for you to pay attention to them.

Update 9/15/13: This is now a continuing series! Check out part two.