I was super nervous about the schwag post yesterday because I always worry that people will just roll their eyes when I say things like that. Amazingly, someone else brought it up during a question in one of the sessions I was in and everyone applauded her! I also commiserated about that fucking nail polish with several people manning (haha, inappropriate verb choice ftw) booths at the career fair. It turns out it was a pretty widespread reaction. So, with my confidence buoyed, here’s part II: analysis of the schwag I picked up at the career fair.

The Bad:

Luckily there wasn’t much ‘bad’ to be seen. Interestingly, the two items I did have issue with are very similar: A travel brush+mirror thing from Google (again! and they’re usually so good!) and a small massage-like brush from California Technologies. The Google one I didn’t take, the CA Tech one I did – I think my cats will appreciate it greatly.

The Good:

The ‘good’ selection here is the cream of the crop, since I only picked up the stuff I liked or thought would be useful.

Frickin’ sweet Grace Hopper hoodie: Amazon

This has GHC specific text on the back, and is long sleeve with a hood but made of regular t-shirt material. SO frickin’ cool looking, and way comfy!

Travel Bag, including inflatable neck pillow, blindfold, ear plugs, and instant washclothes: Expedia

Talk about a promotional item that matches the company! This’ll be so useful on my 8 hour journey back to the other coast.

iPad stand: Oracle

Or, as I intend to use it, cookbook stand. I don’t know why more people don’t give these out, they seem like they’d be cheap and are super useful.

Mini-book with rainbow post-its inside: Juniper

It looks just like a tiny hard-cover book, but with lots of colors of post its inside! How can you not love it?

Highlighter + post-it page marker combo: Goldman Sachs

Multi-functional things always make me squee.

Inspirational Quote postcards: ThoughtWorks

These are just regular paper informational things from their booth, but I really liked the quotes so I snagged one of each and am going to stick ’em on my wall.

Pro-Women Sticker & Magnet: Google

It’s interesting that Google made both ‘Bad’ and ‘Super-Sweet’ lists this time. I rolled my eyes and went ‘ick’ when I saw the hair brush, but these stickers & magnet made me go ‘oooooh!’ and then I grabbed several of both.

Acoustic iPhone Speaker: PayPal

This. THIS. This is the most awesome free giveaway I’ve ever seen. It’s a well-shaped piece of rubber that works as a fucking acoustic loud speaker for your iPhone! The lady at the booth demonstrated hers to me and my jaw literally dropped it worked so well. I can’t take a picture of my phone actually in it, so here’s one I stole from Google:

So. Awesome.

The Pretty-Good:

I can’t really label this ‘mediocre’ since I chose to pick it up instead of having it handed to me, but it’s not as awesome as the previous section. The usual t-shirts, bags, and an assortment of office supplies. That purple Dropbox shirt (in women’s sizes, so I have to wear an XL, which, let me tell you, brings my self-esteem right up) would have made the bad list if it were all they offered, but they also had grey and cream color shirts for all your color-choosing needs. I just liked the purple. :p