MEET: Day 1

Having slept through most of a 12 hour flight, I am now in Jerusalem! Haven’t seen much of the city yet, but the weather is simply *gorgeous.* Here’s the view from my window:


Not too shabby. We’re on the campus of Hebrew University, and the apartments are really nice. They even had a fully stocked fridge for us when we arrived which was full of the standard condiments – but all in Hebrew. I have never appreciated the use of standard packaging designs, labeling, and descriptive graphics as much as I do right now.


Navigating a city without knowing the language is sometimes rough. I bought some beer to have with dinner and it turned out to be non-alcoholic. :(┬áNot to say I’m totally lost around here. Pretty much all the signs are in 3 languages, which is both convenient and really cool looking.


Hebrew, Arabic, and English, for the record. I’m used to seeing signs in other languages, but these different character sets still throw me off a bit. I can’t even pronounce them! I’m so in love with Arabic scripting – soooo graceful. It brings typography to a whole new level.

There’s definitely a lot of Americanization here. There’s a Domino’s a few blocks away from where I am now and Diet Coke is in every store. Again it’s labeled in Hebrew, but I had no trouble at all picking it out of a crowded drinks display. (I bet you can also tell that’s Sprite right next to it)


Tomorrow the real work starts, and we’re getting up early to head in to the office and start preparing for the program. I’m so excited to get out and start exploring around the city! Check out the view from our campus on top of the mountain. The desert just rolls into the horizon.



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