My house just finished up work week and with it my latest pet project – designing our new logo. This was a long, detailed, and incredibly enjoyable process for me, a walkthrough of which can be found under the cut.

We started off with the base idea of having a large ornamental “W” as the logo, to be used as an identifier that is both recognizable and obscure enough to be secure when placed on the outside of our building. (We live next to a somewhat sketchy part of Cambridge, so advertising ourselves as an all-women living group is not a good idea) After some collective brain-storming on Google Docs, I came up with the following cirteria for the design:

  • strong font
  • modern looking
  • womanly/curly

My initial sketches:


After I went around and got some opinions, I vector-ized the most popular variants and sent them out for review:


Response was good, leaning more towards the 2nd design, but people seemed to want a less austere W, so I took some of the more popular stylized W’s from the above sketches and vector-ized those.


These got mixed results, and I personally wasn’t a big fan of going too super-girly, favoring a stronger W with curly accents, so I decided to take that as far as I could go and try a super-curly concept piece (which I also posted separately several days ago.)


This is, of course, entirely inappropriate for a logo but damn was it fun, and the type I used in this version (Centaur – one of my favorites) ended up going into the final design. I decided I wanted something more integrated, something that didn’t appear in seperate pieces, so I sketched around with curly things twining in and out of the W. In the end, this is what I came up with, and what the house approved.


I am so super incredibly happy with this design. It got really positive results from the house, and as we were already doing lots of house-improvement projects this week, got quickly integrated in various places. Rachel did an awesome job painting it onto the wall of our new game room:

WILG Logo Painted

And as the original idea for all this came from the need to have something identifying on our front door, I got 2 colors of contact paper and a razorblade and made a cut-out of all the pieces.

WILG Logo Cutout

Then put it on the front door. (This is my favorite part. :D  )

WILG Logo on Door

Voila. Hopefully now we won’t lose any more potential rushees because they can’t find where we live.