Road Trip Update

I was planning on blogging every day on this trip, similar to my stint in Europe, but due to various reasons this hasn’t happened. We’ve been awfully busy so far, hanging out with friends, meeting strangers, seeing the sights, oh, and driving.

We’re in Detroit this morning – my original plan was to be in Boston 2 days ago, but I decided to stop by Fayetteville to see some old friends, and then we decided to go up through Chicago and drive along the border. We ended up skipping Chicago, but we’re headed to Canada today! Our plan is to get into Toronto early and go see Niagra Falls tonight. :D:D:D Hopefully I will have pictures for you later.

ETA in Boston is maybe 2, maybe 3 days. Our original plan was to go to New York for a while but I’ve got my readmission interview (finally!) on the 12th, so we mustn’t dally too long. A trip out of the states, though, is always worth it. Canada!

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