Beauty Like This Could Not Exist Without Wretchedness

While normally I would just hit the ‘share’ button when things like this pop up in my RSS feed, I was simply too delighted not to give it some additional aplomb and present it here as well.

Is This The World’s Best Airline Complaint Letter?

Having never had the experience of a Virgin flight (cue school-girl giggling), either good or bad, I can’t comment on the content itself.

But my, MY, what a lovely piece of writing! Reading this I felt a warming amidst the cockles of my heart, so rarely do I find such a lovingly composed and heartfelt expression of sarcastic disdain.

Update: From The Consumerist

The man who wrote the long, funny complaint letter to Richard Branson about the level of suck on his recent Virgin Atlantic flight has been asked to “come to the airline’s catering house next month, to help select the food on future Virgin flights.”


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